The Artist

My Background


  I discovered that I had a true passion for working with clay while pursuing my bachelor’s degree at SUNY Oneonta. I took every pottery class that my college had to offer and quickly fell in love with the craft. I would spend hours upon hours in the studio bringing my creative ideas into the real world. After coming back to Long Island, I decided that I wanted to continue my creative journey and be able to share it with others.

My Specialties


I work with a variety of clay and glazes to make each piece one of a kind. I experiment with bold forms, texture, and vibrant colors. I create everything with the intention of bringing something completely unique into the world. For my original style and vision for my pottery, SUNY Oneonta awarded me the George E. Zimmerman Memorial Award. It was an incredible honor to receive that award and that memory will stay with me for the rest of my life

My Work


My clay of choice is Sio Black/White Stoneware with Impalpable Grog. This clay is ideal for wheel-throwing and modeling smooth pieces with fine details. All pieces are fired at a range of Cone 5-6 (2205º-2269ºF) and then glazed. Once glazed, all my work is weather resistant, water proof, and dishwasher safe. All glazes used on tableware are non-toxic & food safe.